Our Story

We started with a dream of supporting business owners and corporations streamline their marketing efforts during hard economic times. We constantly try to inspire people with our ideology and provide them with strategies to achieve their milestones; no matter how difficult it is.

We are a team of marketing and advertising professionals working day and night to make sure your brand gets the attention and the recognition it deserves in the changing world of digital media. Through branding, digital marketing solutions,  product launch parties, grand openings, and awards, we are here to support you along your journey.

William Harris CEO | Founder

Being a serial entrepreneur, Will has nearly 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and running his own businesses. It’s no surprise that he has worked for some impressive, big names in many different industries. As an entrepreneur at heart, Will is the perfect fit to lead his team to success at The Hustle Marketing and Design. His vision and direction for each client, combined with support for our team, make him irreplaceable. Will makes sure the team lives by the core values we established, every day, and leads with purpose. His ability to see talent in people and what motivates them is a strength that he implements daily to improve and move forward in his full throttle entrepreneurial life.

Carissa Marshall

Carissa Leigh CXO | Partner

With nearly 10 years in the marketing industry and education from Mount Royal University, Carissa has a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry, real estate and various other industries building success stories along the way. 

At The Hustle Marketing and Design, she takes pride in her market knowledge and her ability to approach each client and industry differently. Her strategies are centered on reaching the target audience with the best creative designs. She specializes in design, creativity and maintaining stellar relationships with vendors. Fueled by caffeine, Carissa moves at full speed to keep pace with where the industry is heading and in collaborating with her teammates to ensure the best work is being done for clients.

Adam Felske-ZingerCOO | Partner

Adam Felske-Zinger, marries his deep-rooted passion for paid advertising with a zest for life. A firm believer in self-improvement, he leverages innovation to help clients outdo their own expectations. With an energy that fosters exploration and trust, Adam cultivates strong relationships with clients and team members alike. His leadership creates an agency environment brimming with creative solutions, mirroring his own adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Austin Marshall Senior Web Developer | Partner

Austin is a Rockstar in web development, came to our team with a strong background in web development. His web experience gives him that special “utility player” attitude; he is always ready to learn and try something new. He thrives on staying busy and pushes back from boredom – Web Development is a natural fit for him, and we are obsessed with his dedication to greatness. Austin is highly skilled in implementing core backend development tests including 3rd party API integration, website maintenance, REST API development, by deploying a wide range of technologies across multiple frameworks, software operating systems & programming language proving his needs for all projects and clients.

Why Choose Us


We are excellent listeners. Our team enables you to express your requirements by grasping your digital marketing concepts and making sure we offer you the right solution!


If it’s a small bug or website revamp, we communicate every little detail to ensure you always stay up to date throughout the process.


If you are tired of unsatisfactory results or late delivery, say no more! Our team offers punctual and efficient service without sacrificing quality!


With us, you don’t have to worry about the budget. With customized packages, we make sure there are always options for you and your business.


With our vast experience in the digital world, we make sure your brand walks with the trends of the digital marketing industry.


Your goals are our command! Whatever your milestones are, we are here to prioritize your needs and help you reach that next level!

What We Do

Full-service Digital

Our work is highly respected and is responsible for generating curiosity among your audience!

Our work is a creative canvas in the art world of marketing; with innovative strategies and designs that grab people’s attention before they even know it; we build a connection with the products, so an everlasting impression is generated in the minds of your audience.

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